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Statistics is the science which deals with the collection, classification, analysis and interpretation of numerical data. Statistics is as old as the human society itself. Its origin can be traced to the old days when it was regarded as the ‘Science of state craft’ was the byproduct of the administrative activity of the State.

          The Department of statistics was established in May 1986 at B.N. College, Dhubri. Ms. Raushanara Begum was the founder teacher. The subject statistics was included in the course combination of B.Sc. level as a pass subject in 1986. She worked in the department for only four months i.e. up to August 1986. Mr. Dipendra Narayan Adhikary joind the department as lecturer on 29.08.1986. He was the head of the department. Mr. Brajendra Kanta Sarmah joined the department as lecturer on 03.10.1988 under the headship of Mr. Adhikary. Mr. Adhikary left the college as well as the department in 30th March 1995. He was a very sincere and dedicated teacher. From April 1995 to September 1998 i.e. for 3.5 years the department was running with only one teacher. In the mid part of September 1998 Mr. Sanjib Bordoloi joined the department as Lecturer. Unfortunately he also left the college in June 1999. From June 1999, the department was continuing with one lecturer up-to September 2010. In September 2010 Dr. Nityananda Barman joined in the department as Assistant Professor. In 2016 the authority of the college introduced Major Course in the department.


             Upon successful completion of the UG Course (Honours/ Regular) in Statistics students will be able to :

  • Demonstrate how to collect data, the ability to perform complex data Analysis, interpretation, presentation of data and draw appropriate conclusions and also how to forecast data on the basis of past data which is very essential for business planning and other purposes.
  • Demonstrate how to maintain the quality in continuous flow of manufactured products through ‘Statistical Quality Control’.
  • Demonstrate knowledge of probability and standard statistical distributions and their applications in different fields.
  • Demonstrate Knowledge of small sample and large sample statistical properties of point and interval estimators.
  • Demonstrate knowledge of the properties of parametric and non-parametric testing procedures.
  • Demonstrate the ability to apply linear, non-linear and generalized linear models in economic analysis.
  • Demonstrate the knowledge of design of experiments and surveys and their applications in various fields.
  • Demonstrate knowledge of classical and repeated measures of multivariate methods and computational techniques.
  • Demonstrate the ability to undertake project work.
  • Demonstrate the ability to undertake knowledge of computer program. 


Vision of the Department:              

To build up a department of excellence in Statistics capable of contributing to development in the field of humanities, social, medical (Biostatistics) environmental sciences, finance related areas and allied sciences

Md Moinur Rahman

Md Moinur Rahman

Assistant Professor
Dr. Nityananda Barman

Dr. Nityananda Barman

Assistant Professor(HOD)
Ms. Durba Purkayastha

Ms. Durba Purkayastha

Assistant Professor
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