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Year of Establishment :- 1946


To fulfill the demand of Bengali people for Bengali literature as a subject to study in college. Because Dhubri Town and its adjacent area are widely populated by Bengali speaking people.Moreover most of the founder members had considered the proper value of Bengali literature in that (Pre-independence) period. In short, this is the objective of establishing the department of Bengali.

Vision : 

The department  has offered General as wellas Honours/Major courses. The area of Bengali literature is Vast. So many writers have contributed their writings in different periods. Hence, the writers of the History of Bengali literature wrote it dividing mainly three sections: The old period, the mediavel period and the modern period. From ‘charyapada’. The text of old period to modern age literature –a long way. The ancient life style of Bengali where Buddhist philosophy is involved is depicted in charyapada is included in the course where areas are there to be explored till now. The valuable texts of medieval period also like that. Literature of 19th Century has great importance in society. By exploring moral values from the texts of this time, students guide themselves and able to discriminate between right and wrong. Through literature a student can know lots about history, geography, economy, philosophy and so on .So, department’s vision is to impart an all-round knowledge to the learners. 

  •             Child literature which included in the course opens up the world of fantasy which are already in young age.
  •             Sufficient information are there in the history of Bengali literature which enhances students’ knowledge.
  •              Bengali language, its history play an important role in learning all about it, reading and writing properly included in the course.
  •              Bengali culture is very attractive along with Tagorean aspects. Students’ qualities develop practicing this culture through various programme                          besides academic side.
  •             A lot of link with provincial literatures, project paper, home assignment, Seminar enhances students’ talent over the subject.

 The department takes a few steps in the field of external activities for the last few years in near areas covering mostly in schools. To develop extracurricular activities of the students steps also taken. However, department’s vision is multidimensional

Nirmita Nath

Nirmita Nath

Asstt. Professor
Rana Kangsha Banik

Rana Kangsha Banik

Assistant Professor
Sejuti Paul

Sejuti Paul

Assistant Professor
Course name Seat Capacity
Bengali Major30
General & MIL in CBCS Major30
Generic & Communication30