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The name of the Department is mathematics which was established in 1948 keeping in view some vision and mission. Since the foundation of the department has been functioning to serve The purposes with full confident. Professor Modhusudan chatterjee was the founder HOD of Mathematics in 1948. The major course was introduced in 1967 to fulfil The aims and objectives of the department.


The department of Mathematics of B.N.College, Dhubri was established to give quality higher education in the field of Mathematics to make it a centre of excellence in Mathematics and computing in the western part of Assam and thereby the department has been vigorously engaged in teaching and motivating undergraduate students so that they can successfully enter into various field in the area of Mathematics in future to achieve their goals since its very inception in 1948.


  • To produce graduate in Mathematics to be competent and innovate with strong foundation to make them success in future for their own, the nation and human society.


  • To create an atmosphere among the undergraduate students for conductive to be fit for entering into high class research and to become researches with clear thinking and Determination in future in relevant areas of Mathematics.


  • To make the undergraduate students of the department to be competent for achieving the ways and means to server the purposes of their future lives. In this connection, the department has produced a lot of major graduates with good quality such as Smti Ranu Paul had stood first class first position in Mathematics under Gauhati University in 2004 . The department has been producing maximum number of first class graduates from its inception in 1948. 
Md Ziyarul Islam

Md Ziyarul Islam

Assistant Professor (Contractual)
Mr. Shahajahan Hussain Sarkar

Mr. Shahajahan Hussain Sarkar

Associate Professor
Dr. Pinku Chandra Dey

Dr. Pinku Chandra Dey

Asstt Professor
Fahim  Sayed

Fahim Sayed

Assistant Professor
Elen Brong

Elen Brong

Assistant Professor.
Course name Seat Capacity
B.Sc. Honours80
B.Sc. Honours Generic & Regular Course200