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Hindi Department of Bholanath College, Dhubri was established on 1979 as an integral part of this premier institute the department has been imparting higher education to the students since its very inception. The endeavor of the department is to carry on the value and tradition of the college. This department has been facilitating the learners to study both the major and general courses. The major course started with in the session 1988-89. The department also provides the students the avenues to participate in various co-cirricular activities. The academic journey of the department started with the founder teacher Honourable Dr. Ananta Kumar Nath and followed by other respective teachers like Prof. Tarni Kanta Sarmah, Awadhes Tiwari and Dr. Samir Kumar Jha who contributed a lot to the department being enriched by their contributions the department has been thriving till today with full vigour. At present the helm of this department lies in the hands of Dr. Mohan Roy H.O.D. and Assistant Professor Sangita Singh Roy.


Objective of the department

  • The main objective of Department is to provide platform to the students achieve their expected aspirations and thereby to establish themselves in the society.
  • The department has been facilitating the learners to build their career and develop their character of Hindi language.
  • One of the objectives of the department is to empower the students and prepare them to face the challenges of real life.
  • The mission of the department is to popularize Hindi language as well as Hindi culture.

Vision of the department

  • The vision of the department is to create resourceful students, who can contribute in the sustainable development of Hindi in Indian Society.
  • The endeavor of the Department is to introduce the students with the great cultural heritage of India.
  • Its vision is to lead the learners towards a broader horizon to understand their life.
  • The vision of the department is to acquaint the learners with the preliminary concepts of various disciplines like the literature, Language, Poetics, etc.
  • Disseminating information and knowledge of various disciplines available in the Hindi texts, the department intends to inspire the students.
Sangita Singh Roy

Sangita Singh Roy

Assistant Professor
Kalpana Pathak

Kalpana Pathak

Assistant Professor
Course name Seat Capacity
B.A. (Honours) 30
B.A. (Honours Generic & Regular Course)25