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The Assamese Department of Bholanath College was established in the year 1946. Jadav Narayan Das Joined in this college as a lecturer of the Department of Assamese. He was the first batch student of Assamese of Calcutta University. After Few years Jadav Narayan Das Joined as Principal in this College. He ran the Assamese Dept. very fruitfully at that time also. Then Bhagagiri Ray Chaudhury Joined in this next Lecturer.

At that time B.N.College was the only Higher Educational Institution in Undivided Goalpara District. Therefore Students came far & wide for taking higher education. In course of time, the college became well acquainted for its reputation amongst other best college in Assam. At that time teachers of this department always tried to popularize Assamese Language and culture not only in this Institution but also in this region. Even now the people of this region and the College proud of its ancient glories and heritage.

At that time the Assamese Dept. always tried its best to keep socio- cultural relation as well as literary contributed inside and outside the college in the help of various Socio – Cultural Organization and Institution. In the year 1966 Assamese Department had introduced Honours Subject. Only a few students enrolled in honours at beginning period. In 1966 B.N.College Governing body had adopted a resolution to introduce P.G. class in Assamese. From that time department of Assamese started P.G.Course under Gauhati University. Due to shortage of taking permission and affiliation the P.G.Course stopped in 2001.After few years back the most initiative of the dept. of Assamese and College Administrative the regular P.G. Course of Gauhati University introduced in B.N.College, Dhubri in2015. From that time dept. of Assamese run the regular P.G.Course of gauhati University regularly with conducting the M.A. Exam. Centre. So many Students getting Post Graduate Degree from this department. At present they are engaged various colleges, Higher secondary schools and other institutions.

Our Department also able to provide Ph.D.Degree of Gauhati University by guiding Various scholars. Our one of the Faculty Member Dr.Upendrajit Sarma Gudied the Scholars of the Dept. of Assamese And Modern Indian Languages and Literary Studies of Gauhati University.

On 10th August, 2004 Assamese Department opened a literary and linguistics forum “Bhasa Sahitya Chora” to create Culture –Linguistics consciousness and literary upliftment amongst the students and outside the society. A Peer reviewed ISSN Journal PRANTADEEP also published yearly based .The Assamese department is organized so many Seminars, Work Shops, Popular Talks etc. from the date of beginning. Various Scholars from different site as like Gauhati University, Dibrugarh University ,Asam Sahitya Sabha joined and delivered their valuable lecture in these ocessions. Department also Published a collection of Assamese Poetry in every from our Students Site as their creative writings.

Name of the faculty Members From Beginning to At Present :

  • Prof. Jadav Narayan Das M.A. (Rtd)
  • Prof. Bhagwgiri Raichoudhury M.A.(Ex)
  • Prof. Uddhab Ch. Kalita M.A. (Rtd)
  • Dr. Anima Barua M.A, Ph. D (Rtd)
  • Dr. Sadananda Bezbarua M.A. Ph. D. L.L.B.(Rtd)
  • Prof.Jamini Sarma M.A.M. Phil. (Ex)
  • Prof. Karuna Das ,M.A. (15-2-72)
  • Dr. Dipendra Kr. Adhikay,M.A.,Ph.D. (10-11-87- 28-02-2008)
  • Prof. Baby Bora M.A. 1995
  • Dr. Upendrajit Sarma M.A, M,phil,Ph.D. (30-4-1998)
  • Dr. Karuna kanta Das M.A,(NET/ SLET) , Ph.D.( 30-4-1998.)
  • Dr. Alaka Sarma M.A.(NET) M phil, Ph.D. (12-01-2006)
  • Dr. Poli Bezbaruah,M.A.(NET), Ph.D.(2015)
  • Prof. Arjuma Nasrin Sarkar, M.A.(Contractual)

From the very beginning all the faculty members of the department of Assamese are very co- operative and discharged their duties for uplifted of the department. They all are also social responsible of their own field. We are expecting for a luminous future of the department. Long live Assamese Department !Long Live B.N.College.


To make Assamese subject to be popular amongst the students is not very easy task in this area. They are faced very trouble to learnt Assamese language. Therefore, we are not easily reached the actual mark points in our aim and objects

All the faculties are very much aware of their responsibilities, commitment, obligation and accountability to the students as well as to the college. The sincerity, dedication and regularities of the faculties resulted in the completion of the allotted courses of the specific semester with the good feedback of the students in the last few years.

Under the initiative of the Department of Assamese PG Course has already been started in August, 2015. Students & Teachers relationships are very co-operative. The strength of the Department are as follows:

  • 6 nos. Of full time faculties.
  • 5 nos. of guest lecturer for PG Course.
  • 1 no. of regular faculty guided Ph.D. research work by Gauhati University.
  • Annually published ISSN research journal & other books. Published wall magazine quarterly. Other than special case no faculty keep himself away from the teaching responsibility; which is the most important of the department. Faculties also take responsibilities to serve the various field of our society.


  • Arrange language concerned workshop in future on equation of standard language to increase the skill of students in regard to speak and writing of Assamese language.
  • To be arranging UGC sponsored National Seminar
  • Departmental library will be arranged with good numbers of books
  • Departmental seminars and lectures will be arranged time to time
  • Develop our ISSN research journal and published others relevant books.
  • Our department present infrastructure is not well accommodated. In future with help of our concerned authority we will get well furnished building.
  • We will arranged departmental tour for the students to visit the cultural important site.
  • This region is famous for various Folk items as like songs, dances, dramas, and others. We will collect the actual data and published so many research of about these items. We also collect and preserve the folk materials of this region for future generation. Our department also able to language awareness programs in the various middle schools and high schools in this region.

Programme Specific Outcome

This syllabus contains different categories of Assamese Languages ,Literature,Culture And Scripts .In the part of Literature Students Gathers literary knowledge like Romantic Literature , Devotional literature ,Oral Literature and Modern Literature etc. The Learners can come to know about the various information of Assamese literature at different period of time. Specially through the Early and modern Assamese Literature. Students will get cultural knowledge from the cultural part of the syllabus.From the language part of the syllabus students will know the formation and development of Assamese Language, Relationship with Sanskrit,Pali –Prakrit –Apanbhnasha and others New Indio Aryan Languages .They also Know the relationship with the Non Aryan Languages and world Languages Families.

Ms Baby Bora

Ms Baby Bora

Associate professor
Dr. Upendrajit Sarma

Dr. Upendrajit Sarma

Associate Professor
Dr. Alaka Sarma

Dr. Alaka Sarma

Associate Professor
Dr. Karuna Kanta Das

Dr. Karuna Kanta Das

Associate professor
Dr. Poli Bezboruah

Dr. Poli Bezboruah

Assistant Professor
Saiful Hassan

Saiful Hassan

Assistant Professor
Deboshri Ray

Deboshri Ray

Assistant Professor (Contractual)
Course name Seat Capacity
HG +RC (60 +120)180
Post Graduate25