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The vision of Bholanath College is to provide quality higher education with an attempt to inspire, prepare, and empower students of its catchment area to succeed in a changing world.


Bholanath College strives to achieve its vision by

  • Committing itself to intellectual exercises based on effective teaching, interaction programme and exchanges in order to lift the diverse communities from stagnation to development,
  • Nurturing emerging disciplines and the creation of new knowledge and artistic expression in response to a rapidly changing world,
  • Inculcating deep historical knowledge of diverse cultures at home and abroad
  • Making effective use of the emerging technological tools to create skilled manpower and to bridge the gap between social needs and higher education.
  • Creating a congenial atmosphere to create and disseminate knowledge of human experience, thought and creativity to advance human welfare in all its dimensions,
  • Actively cultivating efforts aimed at developing students into independent-minded, responsible global citizens.