# Heading Date Description File
1Report on CO Class taken by Dr. Jagat Dwipendra Ray2024-07-03Download
2Report of Course Outcome (CO) class taken by Safior Alam2024-03-13Download
3Report on National Science Day2024-03-09Download
4Report on CO class taken by Dr. Nandita Prodhani2024-02-22Download
5Report on Outreach Program in School (2023-2024)2023-08-29Download
6Report on Faculty exchange programme (session 2022-23)2023-05-04Download
7Report on Extension Activity ( Session 2022-2023 )2023-05-03Download
8Report on Peer Class (January-April, 2023)2023-04-25Download
9Report on Department Seminar Presentation (January-April, 2023)2023-04-25Download
10Report on Department Quiz Competition 2023-04-12Download
11Report on Mechanical Workshop2023-04-10Download
12Report of Course Outcome (CO) class taken by Dr. Nilam Jyoti Dutta2022-09-26Download
13Report of Course Outcome (CO) class taken by Dr. Hiten Sarma2022-09-24Download
14Report of Course Outcome (CO) class taken by Dr. Nandita Prodhani2022-09-23Download
15Report on Course Outcome (CO) class taken by Dr. Dipangkar Borah2022-08-24Download
16Report of Course Outcome (CO) class taken by Edal Hussain2022-08-24Download
17Report of Course Outcome (CO) class taken by Rafiul Karim Mollah2022-08-24Download
18Report on Two Days workshop on "LaTex"2022-06-20Download
19Report on "Exhibition on Space Science & Technology for Nation Building"2021-09-28Download
20Report on “Science Education and Future Career”2021-08-02Download
21A motivational speech on "Science Education and Future Career"2021-05-02Download
22Report on “One day-Workshop on Mechanical Skill”2021-03-07Download
23Report on “Basic Concept of Physics with Demo: An extension service to the nearby school”2021-03-03Download
24Report on “Intra Departmental Quiz Competition”2021-02-25Download
25Report on “Tethered Balloon/Kytoon and Meteorological balloon launch”2021-02-25Download
26Departmental Wall Magazine2021-02-20Download
27Report on “Moving toward higher education in post Covid”2020-08-30Download
28Report on “Webinar on An insider’s look at space missions”2020-07-23Download
29Report on "Online Poster Competition" 2020-06-16Download
30Report on “Two days workshop on Plasma Physics”2020-02-17Download
31Report on “One day Workshop on Intellectual Property, Society and Economy”2019-12-10Download
32Report on “Intra-departmental Poster competition”2019-11-09Download
33Report on “Scientific lecture entitled_Plasma: The Fourth State of Matter”2019-10-05Download
34Report on “Tour to Research Institute: IASST Boragaon, Assam”2019-09-27Download
35Report on "Popular talk on Nanotechnology”2019-08-21Download
36Report on "Summer Training Program at CIPET, Guwahati" 2019-07-21Download
37Report on “Departmental Seminar_2018-2019”2019-05-30Download
38Report on “Faculty Exchange Program_2018-2019”2019-05-30Download
39Report on “Science Model Exhibition and Competition”2019-03-30Download
40Report on "Science Day-2019 Celebration"2019-02-28Download